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I know you're tired.

Tired of being bombarded with information, articles, and advertisements telling you who you should want to be, what you should eat, how you should exercise. Each one is more insistent than the last that they alone have unlocked the secret to lasting health, weight loss, and the perfect body (BTW - what do they even mean by "perfect"?!).

Ugh. It’s overwhelming.

You have enough going on in your life –– including your own inner voice telling you you’re not thin enough, not strong enough, not disciplined enough to feel healthy and happy. And despite having health, wellness and weight loss goals, you crave what we all do:




I have a few questions for you... And please BE HONEST.

  • Are you missing out on life because nonstop thoughts of food or weight loss make it impossible to enjoy what’s right in front of you?
  • Are you emotionally exhausted and embarrassed by your inability to control your eating habits?
  • Are you scared that you’ll never escape the nasty restriction cycle that keeps you feeling miserable and ashamed?
  • Do your hopes and dreams for your children include being free of body image issues and weight obsessions, and *NOT* stuck in the same cycle of body loathing and dieting the vast majority of people are stuck in?

You know what you’re doing isn’t sustainable.

Your health and wellness habits have been put on the backburner for way too long, and you don’t like how you feel or how your clothes are fitting. What you DEFINITELY don’t need is another weight loss program telling you that you’re not enough, along with a list of things you have to give up tomorrow.

We’re not buying it. Literally.

And neither are the thousands of women who have committed to the Balance365 life together. We aren’t just a community - Balance365 is a movement of strong, powerful, supportive women who are taking charge of their physical and emotional health, and changing the course of their family’s future.

What Balance365 Members Are Saying

"Balance365 was a breath of fresh air."

The mental aspect of dieting, fat loss, and health are complex and emotional. This program has helped me break out of the chains of so many negative thoughts and feelings concerning my body. Balance365 succeeds in every area of health and wellness that other programs don’t.

Ashley T.

"Balance365 helped me find what works for me."

There is no one size fits all…. but the end goal is all of the habits move you to a balanced, well rounded, healthy person who lives in moderation and yes lets her hair drown every once in awhile! I am so incredibly grateful for this insight into life.

Jessica S.

"I needed something sustainable."

In the last nine months my body has become a healthier weight without obsessing over it. It’s not another diet. Every other program I've done is about restricting in one way or another. Balance365 has added more to my life than I anticipated, and I feel fulfilled.

Sarah C.


What if you could reclaim your health and wellness, feel confident in your body, and ditch the constant struggle nearly EVERYONE is experiencing when it comes to losing weight *and* keeping it off? Sound to good to be true? It isn’t. Keep reading!


♥  Go through an entire day without obsessing about everything you put in your mouth

♥  Stand in front of the mirror and feel grateful for the body you have

♥  Feel confident cooking healthy, balanced meals that support your health goals AND include your favorite foods (did somebody say dessert is a food group?!)

♥  Get the exercise and movement you need without sacrificing sleep or your 1 hour of free time?


This isn’t about your partner, your friends, or that woman at the gym with the rock hard abs that you stare longingly at - nope this is all about YOU and who you want to be. Alive, engaged, energetic, happy, fun, confident…


Balance365®, is your complete step-by-step health, wellness, and weight loss program that breaks down healthy habits into simple, manageable steps. We specialize in keeping it simple and showing women the habits that really matter when it comes to long-lasting change. Say good-bye to quick-fixes and false promises. This is about more than just food, exercise and weight loss - this is about living a life you’re 1000% in LOVE with.

"Balance365 will change your life."

"I used to struggle with bingeing and yo-yo'ing weight gain. Balance365 appealed to me because it got to the root of WHY I was making less-than-great choices. When I started Balance365 I was a wearing a size large, which I knew wasn’t my natural size. I’m now wearing a small and have lost about 16kg (35lbs) according to my doctor’s scale. If you open your mind to it, and learn to trust yourself, Balance365 will change your life."

- Rachel G.


When you join, you'll get instant access to all program materials via downloadable PDF workbooks! You can get started in just a few minutes!

Learn what to eat, when to eat, and how to eat for your specific body, lifestyle and preferences. This is not about giving you ourmeal plan to follow, this is about teaching you how to create your own perfect way of eating. Let go of the points and calorie counting apps, stop eliminating foods you love, and learn to enjoy eating again!

  • 10 core Nutrition Habit Guides: Learn strategies to master your meals, hunger, treats, alcohol, social situations, emotional eating, and more.
  • 5 Habit Accelerator Guides: Maximize your success and make your new habits as easy to incorporate as possible.
  • Easy to digest workbooks that walk you through everything step-by-step!

Learn how to mold exercise into your life to be enjoyable, fun, and effective! Our framework works with any type of movement, so you get to choose what’s going to fit best for you {walking, yoga, swimming, weights, hiking, literally anything you can think of!}  Not sure where to start? We’re including a 12-week home-based workout program you can use to get started.

  • Workout Guide: Discover how to realistically fit exercise into your life.
  • NEAT Guide: Learn our secret for moving more with no extra time!
  • 12-week home workout plan designed to quickly and effectively build a strong body.

Learn how to stop the fear around food, the all-or-nothing thinking, and the self-loathing you feel after giving in to yet another chocolate craving! Once you get this piece (don’t worry we show you how!) everything else becomes SO. MUCH. EASIER.

  • Diet Deprogramming Guide: How to discover and access “food freedom” and envision a new life that doesn’t revolve around food or your weight.
  • The Story of You Guide: Learn how to set goals that are right for YOUR body and YOUR life.
  • Habits 101 Guide: Learn the ONLY way to create lasting change. Everyone who has ever made sustainable change has knowingly or unknowingly followed this framework!

Did you know that communities of people with a common goal make reaching goals easier and faster? Having the support of our coaches and your peers as you explore a new way of living will bolster your confidence, give you access to people who really “get” what you’re going through, and provide a safe place to bring your fears, your struggles, and of course, your WINS! The more support you have, the easier it is!

  • 2000-member Facebook community
  • Peer accountability + troubleshooting
  • Support from our Balance365 "big sisters" and coaches

"Balance365 allowed me a set a goal I could reach."

"I have managed to hit my habit goal of twice per week for over 80 days. The way Balance365 approached the #allorsomething allowed me to set a goal that I could reach to start momentum. The past 3 weeks I've successfully done 3-4x per week without the pressure for perfection so I've been able to use the movement as self-care rather than punishment. "

- Jenna K.


If you join today, you're also going to get access to these free!

How do you help your child grow into a healthy, competent eater? How can you teach them moderation and balance are key, while addressing their eating habits and even their weight? In the Balance365 Family Feeding Guide we cover how parents can do this without being restrictive or creating an environment where their child starts to overeat. Help them without harming. AKA - how to * NOT * raise a dieter!

Balance365® approved, enjoy 21 different Power Bowl recipes balanced with protein, veggies, carbs, and fats to keep you full and satisfied. Plus, get done-for-you shopping list and meal planning templates so you can mix and match what works for you.

Many of our Balance365ers want the same freedom for their partners as they have found in our program. That’s why we created this bonus section for Balance365. Same philosophy and health and wellness habits, but adapted for men. For those of our members with male partners, this will be the perfect accompaniment so their partner can Balance365 their life too!


Meal planners, habit trackers, and worksheets that help you set goals and follow through so that you can stay consistent, focused, and on track!

If fat loss is part of your health and wellness vision, we're here to help. If you aren't reaching your goals and can't understand why, we have the Balance365 Fat Loss Troubleshooting Guide. It features our fat loss super-habits, tools and tips to troubleshoot why you're stuck, and get things turned around. 










"This has led to significant changes for me."

"Big sister rave! You would not believe the difference in my meals since joining. I used to graze and nibble all day on mainly sweets and carbs. Breakfast was 2-3 coffees and the crusts off my kids toast! So here's the deal: Balance365 has taught me how to balance meals, how to get *roughly* the right amount of protein, carbs, fibre and fat *for me*. I learned how to serve up the exact amount I need. This took the longest to master after many months of practicing stopping when I'm full. I no longer need to snack. I eat when hungry and stop when satisfied. I look forward to meal time knowing I have the skills and knowledge to put it together without too much thought. It's just so good. This way of eating has led to significant fat loss for me. But more importantly my energy levels are way better, I sleep better, I can lift heavier, my skin and hair has improved, my moods are brighter...the list goes on. "

- Sara C.



The average woman will spend an estimated 17.2 YEARS of her life dieting. That’s INSANE! This is not only costing you your social life, your sanity, your body image, and precious memories with the people you love (skipping birthday cake, ice cream trips, or anything involving a swimsuit… anyone?)

It’s also costing you A LOT of money.

The average person makes 4-5 failed dieting attempts and spends $733 on dieting every year.
Balance365® is freedom from a lifetime of dieting, freedom from feeling shame, guilt, or uncontrollable around food, and freedom from hating your body. And it’s less than 1/3 the cost of one year of dieting.... It's also yours for LIFE. You get to keep all of your Balance365 materials, forever. 



💔 Studies show that five-year-old girls already show a preference for thinness and that they understand dieting is the means to achieve it.

💔 Girls as young as 5 years old report feeling negatively about their bodies.

💔 By the age of seven, 25% of girls are already exhibiting signs of dieting.

💔 Almost half of American children between 1st – 3rd grade want to be thinner and half of 9 - 10 year old girls are dieting.

💔 In a large study of 14– and 15-year-olds, dieting was the most important predictor of a developing eating disorder. Those who dieted moderately were 5x more likely to develop an eating disorder, and those who practiced extreme restriction were 18x more likely to develop an eating disorder than those who did not diet.

💔 Adolescents who diet are at a 324% greater risk for developing obesity than those who do not diet.

💔 Childhood obesity has tripled since the ‘80s when America first called out its “War Against Obesity”.

Those are the facts, and it's our mission to change that.


"I don't ever want my girls to feel the way I did."

"I just joined Balance365 because I have two daughters. I don't ever want to see them feel like they need to lose weight at 12 like I did. I don't ever want them hating themselves to the point they starve themselves. I don't ever want them to miss out on things because they feel ashamed of themselves. I do not want my girls to feel the way I did. So I am stopping this chain that has been passed down for generations in my family. It ends with me. "

- Kylie S.


Where you find women who hate their bodies (and about 91% of women in North America do) you have diet companies thriving.

Why does this matter? Because dieting has a whole host of negative health outcomes attached to it, with none of those outcomes actually resulting in health, or even weight loss, as promised. 

Dieters can thank diet companies for increasing their fat mass, decreasing their muscle mass, decreasing their bone density, increasing their risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes, the development of food preoccupations, binge eating behaviors, disordered eating, full-fledged eating disorders, depression, anxiety.... The list goes on. And that’s not even touching on the wasted potential of so many women who could be using their energy, their power, to cure cancer, create businesses, get involved in politics.... Or simply be present in their day to day life.

If the stats above hit you in the gut like they do for us, you NEED to know - the solution starts with you.

We believe it's mothers who are the key to changing diet culture for the next generation. It's BEYOND clear we cannot rely on the diet industry. It's clear we cannot rely on a "war against obesity". Those things are doing more harm, causing more suffering, and making things worse.

If you want to pass on a healthy body image and healthy (non disordered) eating habits to your kids, you need to do it for yourself first. You need to be paving the way for them because the diet industry grips them way too young. 

Let's role model self care, body neutrality, and self love. Let's show them that we are worthy of feeding ourselves well, moving our bodies because it feels good, and taking time to refill our own cups. 


"I want to pass down healthy habits to my daughter."

"I joined Balance365 because I just gave birth to a daughter and I want to pass on healthy habits to her. I want her to see me love my body, take care of myself, and thrive. "

- Amanda A.

We know you'd do anything for your children, but...

You have to do it for YOU first! And then you will benefit from what we call the Balance365 ripple effect.

Your children are listening to how to speak about yourself, how you treat food, and your approach to exercise. Even more than that, they are WATCHING you.

  • They are watching you eat a dry salad while you serve everyone else a full dinner.

  • They are watching you pinch your fat in the mirror.

  • They are watching you cover up beside the pool instead of getting in to swim with them.

  • They are remembering all the times you decline dessert and the reasons that you decline. 

The key to saving our children from becoming the next diet and body-obsessed generation is by BEING that change.

"I already notice the food scarcity mindset leaving."

"Dinner looks a little different after reading the new "feeding your family" section and listening to the weight watchers for kids podcast. I've only been implementing these changes for a few weeks and already notice the scarcity mindset leaving. And they are eating more balanced meals ON THEIR OWN."

- Destinee D.


Still have questions? We're here to answer them!

All course content is delivered digitally up front and you go at your own pace. The program is designed to work in our specific order, but some people choose to jump around in an order that works better for them. Either one is great!

No! We're all about making this program fit into YOUR life. You don't need to buy any fancy equipment, special foods, or expensive supplements!

There’s no right answer to this question as we’re all different - mentally, emotionally, and physically. We've had members lose anywhere from 10 to 70+ pounds on the program, as well as members who did not have any weight loss goals!

The progress you make as you change your daily habits will depend greatly on the time you have to commit and other unique circumstances in your life. The great thing is, this program is yours for life! Go at your own pace and use the program to learn what works best for you.

Yes! Though we don’t suggest you actively try to lose weight while pregnant. The Balance365® Habits we introduce for weight loss are designed to help you live a healthier life, so feel free to practice the principles without implementing the weight loss strategies. We advise you to consult your doctor and follow their guidance regarding any type of weight loss goals.

There is NO failing in this program. There are no strict diet rules, no foods off limits, no falling off the wagon. We teach you how to use our proven habits and mold them to fit into YOUR life. Everyone’s day, season of life, priorities, and schedules look different. We don’t expect you to follow the same eating plan as everyone else. We (Jen, Annie, and Lauren) are all healthy and active, and yet, all eat and move differently. That’s the real beauty of this program!

Forever and ever! All of the content is available for download, so it’s all yours to work with at your own pace. 



Jen wants you to feel like you’re “home” in Balance365. She gives thoughtful, loving advice that empowers women to decide what’s right for their individual lives and unique bodies. 

Jen is a certified personal trainer with an emphasis on women’s health, and mom to 3 busy boys. Her experience with, and explorations into dieting, female psychology and body image inspired her to write Diet Deprogramming when she realized the impact of mindset on how a woman pursues health and weight loss. Her greatest joy, apart from her boys, is showing women in Balance365 they can achieve their health and wellness goals in a balanced way that preserves their emotional health, happiness and freedom.


For Annie, every Monday used to signal the start of a new diet. She’d follow her diet and exercise routine perfectly, only to fall apart by mid week. 

It turns out what Annie really lacked was the ability to show herself grace, and to follow a healthy balanced plan that worked for her 365 days a year. Annie was able to turn her health around by embracing the Balance365 life and she can’t wait to share it with you! She is also a certified personal trainer, competitive powerlifter, and mom of 3 children. Annie is passionate about empowering women through strength training and has over 8 years of experience helping women reach their potential in the weight room.


Lauren went on her first diet at age 12 and spent the next 15 years at war with her body, watching her weight fluctuate within a 90-pound range, each diet rebound more painful than the last. 

Clawing her way back to wellness meant letting go of ‘perfect’ and embracing ‘perfect for her’. Today Lauren is unapologetic in her criticism of the diet industry and, instead, is busting down the door and inviting women to learn what DOES work. She will guide you to lasting, sustainable results and show you how to raise children who are confident, competent eaters. Lauren is Balance365’s chief habit-based nutrition coach and a mom to two children. She’s smart, direct, and often provides the tough-love ying to Jen and Annie’s gentle yang that women need.











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