Our coaches will help you discover your healthiest self - mind and body - in 2020. 


Weight, schmate. YAWN. Girl, your weight is just a byproduct of you living your best life. We want to talk about that. Balance365 helps women find their ideal bodyweight without dieting or destroying their relationship with food. Join us and we'll show you how to take your nutrition habits from chaos to control, fall in love with exercise, and get off that diet roller coaster - for good.  


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Balance365 Coaching is led by a Balance365 nutrition coach, that focuses on helping you nail the mindset and habits you need to for long term results and sustainable leaner living. Here's what you can expect:

Habits Not Diets

Ditch the overwhelm of diets. No more quick fixes or broken promises. We help you set goals that are achievable. You'll take control of your nutrition habits one change at a time.

Daily Coaching

Do-it-yourself programs don't work for everyone. This journey is supported and led by the Balance365 coaches. Coach check-ins and troubleshooting will be the key to your success!

Tailored to YOU

A one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition doesn't work. The coaches will help tailor each phase of the program to fit your goals and lifestyle so you stay consistent and on-track.

Support + Accountabiity

Not only will you have access to the Balance365 coaches, you will be join a group of women for support, accountability, and camaraderie! You're in this together!

Evidence-Based Nutrition

Nutrition advice that is simple, balanced and evidence-based. In Balance365 you NEVER have to say goodbye to foods you love. You CAN have it all. Balance, baby!

Mental Health a Priority

There is no weight worth sacrificing your mental health for. We believe your ideal bodyweight lies where your physical, emotional, and social health meet. We can get you there.


As a brand new addition to Balance365 Coaching, you will have access to LIVE workouts multiple times a week that you can do from the comfort of your own home or follow along with from the gym.  All workouts will be saved to your member library to watch/rewatch as you wish

"The support of the coaches and my group were exactly what I needed to focus on my nutrition habits. I liked the structure, but also freedom to do what worked for me. Six months later I've lost 14.3kg (31.5lb) and have gained so much more mentally and emotionally! Too many ah-ha moments to mention here, but this really has been one of the best things I have done. I’m still in shock now how far I have come! I'm living the lifestyle I’ve always wanted!"

- Suzie H. (New Zealand)


In short: pretty much everything! Most women we've worked with have dieted for years, but the results never stick around. They've become stuck in what we call the diet cycle. Diets are unnecessary tedious and restrictive. They are designed for you to fail, which leads to yo-yo'ing weight, unhealthy bingeing habits, and feelings of failure and despair.

How many times have you done this?

> Guilt and shame fuel an impulse to change your body. 

> Start a new diet, cut out a food group, start counting points, etc.

> You see immediate results, yay!

> Cravings start to intensify, results slow down.

> Chaotic/impulsive eating starts. You "fall off the wagon." Weight begins to climb back up.

> Guilt and shame start again.

The answer? Never Diet Again. Yes, we're serious.

In Balance365 we take you out of the diet cycle and coach you through building skills and habits that will give you results for life. We're going to teach you a new mindset so you can take action like a person who has been successful with weight loss *and* has a healthy relationship with food.

(Because seriously: you may know someone who has been successful with weight loss, but do you know anyone who's been successful without a whole lot of anxiety, obsession, and restrictive dieting practices? We sure do - our clients!) 


The primary focus of this coaching experience is to help participants learn their unique fat loss formula. As not all women have fat loss goals, it's important to keep in mind this is for those who do, and are ready to make the long term changes required a priority.



  • Understand their self worth is not attached to their fat loss results

  • Be ready to sit down with their materials and prioritize creating a plan for following through.

  • Have an "I’m ready" attitude but also recognize more accountability and support is needed.

  • Comfortable in an environment that discusses fat loss habits and results.

  • Have a strong, established “all or something” attitude.

  • Understand that fat loss results are not completely predictable. Even when two women have established the exact same habits they will not have the exact same results, as is illustrated in our testimonials.



  • Be struggling with an eating disorder or disordered eating, or actively working with a therapist on eating issues (please understand this is for your own safety and long term health).

  • Feel highly anxious about food and weight

  • Need to wait until ‘the right time’ to start (hint: part of this process will be learning how to navigate trying seasons!) 

  • Be in a rush to lose weight (remember: the slow way is the fast way!)

  • Have a weight loss goal to be a certain weight within a short time frame (real talk: we can only control our behaviours. Weight is not a behaviour!)

"Balance365 Coaching allowed me to lose twenty pounds in five months without reverting to any binge-and-restrict behaviors that have previously been part of my attempts at fat loss. Having one-on-one access to my coach and knowing that she would be checking in prevented me from “checking out” of the program. I really needed this concentrated time to get my habits in place and feel confident that I could move forward on my own."

- Beth K.A. (USA)


In Balance365 we work on the Core 4 together. This provides focus and clarity while allowing you to get comfortable with a new change before moving on. We layer one change on top  of the next and show you how to sustain these changes through different seasons of life. Learning how to stay consistent is key!

During the first six months of coaching, we will focus on mastering the Balance365 Core 4 habits including:



Learning to get in touch with your hunger and fullness cues is a priceless skill when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.  The goal of this habit is to get in tune with your body so you are responding appropriately and meeting your body's ever-changing need, no tracking calories, points or macros required. 



Can you effortlessly put together a balanced meal? You and the coaches will work through breaking down the components of each of your meals, and addressing your protein, fruit/veggies, fat and carbohydrate intake. The goal will be to maximize enjoyment and satiety, while finding some different meal options you can scale up and down to work for your life.  



Movement can be a beneficial (and even enjoyable) habit when it comes to living our healthiest lives. Although we provide live workouts and a 12-week exercise program, your movement of choice is completely individual to your own preferences, with the goal being to find something you want to keep up year-round, not just for the duration of the program.



Food is a much larger part of our lives than mere calories for survival.  Food is celebration, togetherness, and comfort.  And sometimes it's distraction, numbing, or entertainment.  Using food to habitually mask or avoid feeling emotions can be problematic.  During this habit, you will learn strategies and skills to support your emotional health outside of eating.



Sleep is a huge piece of your wellness puzzle, and making sure you're getting enough can leave to better outcomes for your long-term health, short- term health, fitness, and weight loss goals.


  • Balance365 Core4 Coaching curriculum, covering internal cues, balanced meals, movement, emotional eating and sleep.
  • Balance365 Coaching prep material. Immediate access to resources to put you in the right mindset for change, which include a Program Tour, Diet Deprograming, Balance365 Mindset and Concepts workbook.
  • Live workouts led by a fitness professional multiple times a week that you can do from the comfort of your own home or follow along with from the gym.  All workouts will be saved to your member library to watch/rewatch as you wish
  • A private Facebook group with access to the Balance365 nutrition coaches.
  • Daily accountability: a daily check-in thread will give you the opportunity to ask questions and troubleshoot (participation daily is encouraged, but optional).
  • Weekly check-in for habit reflections. What went well? What didn't? This gives you the opportunity to adjust your plan if needed. 
  • Live coaching calls scheduled every day where you can have your questions answered on the spot.
  • Monthly Live Training calls with your coaches and Balance365 guest experts to dive deeper into a specific topics related to food psychology, body image, and nutrition.
  • A unique opportunity to build lasting friendships with women who are pursuing health, wellness, and fat loss habit formation just like you in an intimate, small-group setting.


"I joined Balance365 Coaching because I knew accountability would help me. After five months I’m down 10 pounds and have had a significant change in my body composition. I’m thrilled to have managed this without dieting as I’ve never been able to lose weight without it being my primary focus! My coach was an amazing resource and I loved my little group. I would encourage this to anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone and take a hard look at their habits. Just be ready to trust the process. "

Kasia Smith

"I joined the coaching group because I felt that I was finally ready to tackle fat loss from a body neutral mindset. I loved having everything broken down into easy-to-manage sections. I also loved the small group atmosphere and support. During my time in the coaching group I lost 5lbs and 11 inches, but more importantly I got a handle on my habits and my ability to scale up or down when needed. This small group really helped me to get out of my own head, and stop overthinking."

Megan Prince

"I started B365 Coaching about 6 months after buying the Balance365 DIY program. Five months in, I'm down 10 pounds. I feel great and I'm so glad I joined! It's helped me work through most of my habits with great support from my coach and group. I've learned that quick weight loss is not what I need for long-term success, but that consistency truly is the key. I'm ready to continue on my own and live life without having to think about these things anymore. It's quite an exciting and freeing feeling!"

Jennifer LeBlanc

"I joined the coaching group because I wanted to dive more into the Balance365 DIY program, but knew I wanted support so it was a great option for me. I’ve learned to better balance my plate, to find an exercise habit that I like and enjoy, and because of that the habit has stuck! As a result, I’ve lost 11 pounds. I loved the privacy of the group and feeling like it was ok to ask questions and advice. Having a coach that is always accessible was awesome!"

Jody Zelinski

"“Now 20lbs lighter, I can tell you that joining the coaching group provided me with focus, support, and flexibility. I gained valuable insights into visualising a balanced plate, hunger cues, and had fun with movement. The most challenging part of the process for me was rediscovering my hunger cues. Doing this, and balancing my plate for the day, resulted in the fat loss I have achieved so far. If you come prepared to participate and engage, coaching will be game-changing!"

Laura Scrivener


1. How much does coaching cost?

The cost of Balance365 Coaching is $199USD to join and $99USD per month.

2. What if I've already bought your self-guided program?

Great! That means you're already familiar with our philosophy and methods. To make this an easy "yes" for you, we will waive the initial sign-up fee. Send us an email and we'll arrange it. :)

3. What is the time commitment?

As each new habit is introduced you will need to take some time (approximately 30 minutes) to plan and set goals. On a day-to-day basis we ask that you take 15 minutes to check in with your coaches and group. Additionally you may join any (or all) of the coaching calls offered throughout the week.

4. How is this different from a diet?

In Balance365 we priortize health and overall wellbeing over thinness. We combine nutritional science with behavior change science, offering a balanced and flexible approach to wellness. We don't just want to help you find a healthier weight - we want you to heal your relationship with food and feel at home in your body. We are here to "teach you to fish" not make you dependent on our "system" for life. Lastly we we stress the importance of figuring out what's going to work for you so you can sustain your changes, as opposed to the all-or-nothing, unsustainable practices of diet companies.

5. Where are your client's before and after photos? 

Welcome to Balance365 where we tell women every day they are more than their bodies! We do not use before and after photos in our marketing material because we think they imply there is something "wrong" with larger bodies - which is a message most women start getting in childhood. We don't ask our past participant's for before and after photos and we will never ask you for them. 


Get on the waitlist to secure your spot! We'll notify you when Balance365 Coaching is opening again.

"The small group coaching has been so beneficial and worth every penny. I love having the daily check-ins and someone to help keep me accountable. I love knowing my coach is available and has an abundance of reliable resources and knowledge. "

- Laura R.

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