Ditch The Diet Cycle For Good

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 Introducing Balance365 Life's newest free workshop!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The top three mistakes EVERYONE makes when trying to change their health or body - and how they are keeping you stuck.

  • Why going on another diet is NOT the answer (and what to do instead)

  • The real reason you aren't making progress (hint: it has nothing to do with time, dedication, willpower, or motivation)
  • Our proprietary 5 step process to reaching your health and body goals (no giving up food groups, living in the gym, or spending a fortune on special products!)

The average woman will spend an estimated 17.2 YEARS of her life dieting.

A 2008 study showed that Five-year-old girls' ideas about dieting are predicted by their mother's dieting. IT'S TIME TO END THE CYCLE.

Meet Your Hosts


Jennifer's passion is empowering women to decide what’s right for their individual lives and unique bodies. Her experience with, and explorations into dieting, female psychology, and body image inspired her to co-found Balance365 Life with Anne and Lauren. Her greatest joy, besides being a Mom to her 3 busy boys, is showing women they can achieve their health and wellness goals in a body positive, balanced way that preserves their emotional health, happiness, and freedom.


Annie was a habitual yo-yo dieter, who struggled with her habits, her health, her weight, and her happiness for over a decade. She was able to turn her life around by embracing the Balance365 life, and she can’t wait to share it with you. Annie is passionate about empowering women through strength training and has over 8 years of experience helping women realize their potential in the weight room. She is a Mom of 3 children, a competitive powerlifter, and the cheerful host of the Balance365 Life podcast.


Lauren is unapologetic in her criticism of the diet industry, having started her first diet at age 12. Today she is busting down the door in the health and wellness industry and inviting women to learn what DOES work for improving their health, wellness and achieving lasting weight loss. She will guide you through lasting, sustainable results and show you how to raise children who are confident, competent eaters. She is Balance365’s habit-based nutrition expert and a proud mom of one girl and new baby boy.

Ditch the self-loathing. Dump the diet. Drop the struggle. Gain EVERYTHING.

"I am in tears watching this workshop right now."


"I've been following you ladies since I had my second child (I now have three - two girls and a boy). I'm so thankful to have found you. I grew up watching mom hate herself. She was always commenting on her own body, as well as the body of others. I hated my own body for years, and the way I spoke to myself in the mirror was horrendous. The thought of my children looking at themselves and treating themselves in that way is what finally made me change my tune. It's taken a long time, but I finally love myself and that is what I project to my children. That said, I'm ready to make some changes to improve my health, eat better, and be more active."


"I am trying not to cry at my desk. I DON'T WANT THESE STATS FOR MY DAUGHTER, who, at 16 months, is already getting chubby bunny comments."


"I was 8 or 9 when my mom brought me to see a nutritionist on the recommendation of our family doctor. Needless to say this was the beginning of my eating issues."


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