The Pelvic Floor Piston {Physical Therapy}

Julie Wiebe is an internationally recognized Physical Therapist and advocate for women, specializing in returning women to fitness after injury and pregnancy.  Julie has also been an amazing mentor to Healthy Habits Happy Mom’s Co-Founder, Jennifer Campbell.


Who is Julie Wiebe's Program For?

Anyone with diastasis recti

Women experiencing pelvic floor issues, incontinence or pelvic pain

Mild to moderate prolapse

Suitible for women weeks, to years, to decades adter child birth


This physical therapy program is your first step toward resolving diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues, and restoring a strong foundation for your movement and fitness. Incontinence is an issue that many postpartum women will deal with (studies show approximately 50% of women are experiencing incontinence after childbirth). Despite what mainstream fitness messages convey, “leaking” is not a laughing matter.  Although common, it is not normal or healthy. Incontinence can suggest that your pelvic floor, core, and diaphragm aren’t functioning correctly.

Whether you’re looking to get back to strength training or simply wish to perform daily activities with confidence, Julie will guide you step-by-step through this self-paced video series offering concepts, exercises, movement strategies and body awareness tips you can easily integrate into your day.

The return to activity following childbirth should be a slow and gentle process that helps foster the repair, recovery, and integrity of of our bodies. Completion of Julie’s program will ensure that the foundational skills of proper breathing and alignment have be mastered, allowing you to safely progress to our additional postpartum training programs.


A Note from HHHM Founder, Jennifer:



I was so frustrated with the fitness and rehab community when it came to my postpartum body.  I was tired of hearing all of the messages about "getting my body back." I knew what I actually needed was someone help me get the FUNCTION of my body back.

I finally found Julie Wiebe and quickly realized how different her approach is.  She was a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist first, so she understands the brain and body of active women. Julie's program was so effective at resolving my diastasis and pelvic floor weaknesses that I sought her out as a professional mentor. I am confident that her rehab program combined with my postnatal strengthening and restorative programs will set women up for a smooth and healthy postpartum recovery.

*We highly recommend this course to all of our mamas who haven't been through a core/pelvic floor recovery program before! We especially reccomend it if you are currently going through the pre or postnatal training series'. If you've purchased either of those programs, or the Strength Series:Arms Like Annie Program, we offer 20% off of this course. See the coupon code inside those programs for your special offer.*


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The Pelvic Floor Piston {Physical Therapy}

This physical therapy program is your first step toward resolving diastasis recti, pelvic floor issues, and restoring a strong foundation for your movement and fitness.

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