You just spent nine months growing a baby and in those months your body may have gone through any and all of the following changes:

  • Alignment/posture suffered
  • Experienced pelvic pain, or incontinence
  • Birth trauma, injuries, interventions
  • Muscles stretched and weakened
  • Breathing patterns became shallow
  • Connective tissue stretched & lost tension
  • Abdominal muscles separated (diastasis recti)
    Your organs shifted
  • Diagnosed with pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Painful sex

After all of the demands that are placed on our bodies during pregnancy and childbirth, many of us crave feeling healthy and comfortable in our skin postpartum.

This can lead to choosing exercises that aren't right for the healing postpartum body, upsetting the natural healing process or working against it.

So many women live with "postpartum issues" for years, not realizing they aren't normal and are completely treatable.

You need program to help bridge the gap between childbirth and women's "regular" fitness regimens.

"The Postnatal Series is my favourite fitness program I have ever done! I love the workouts and my core is stronger than it ever has been. I have lost a pant size and I have gained some serious strength. I know it’s scary to let go of what you think you “should be” doing after you have a baby, but you will not regret giving your body the TLC it needs. I started the Postnatal Series because I want to be able to jump on a trampoline with my family and run without leaking. I did it because I deserve a healthy body. All women do!"

Sarah, Mom of 1

"I love this program! I feel so much more in control and knowledgeable about my body this time around and wish I would have known about it with my first baby! My favourite aspect of the Postnatal Series is being able to ask Jennifer anything inside our private Facebook group. From scheduling workouts, to proper form, to how to individualize the program – she always had a quick, personalized response. It’s so comforting to know that I am doing movement that is safe and beneficial for my postpartum body. I’m also loving this series because it feels manageable even when the days (and nights!) are long and hectic. I feel myself getting stronger every week! The community Jennifer has built is one that has contributed immensely to my physical and emotional health. Without hesitation I recommend it to all my mama friends!"

Danielle, Mom of 2

"The postnatal programs changed my views on fitness in so many ways. Prior to giving birth to my second baby I only knew one way to workout, and that was hard and heavy. After I had him I tried to resume those types of workouts with much protest from my body. I started to dread working out. I was afraid of it, it didn't feel right but I didn't know how to adjust in a way that would help me yet still offer physical benefit.The Early Postnatal Series was like physical therapy, it confirmed to me that my body had been through a lot and it needed time to heal. It was quick to execute and therapeutic. I can't say enough good things about it.I just wrapped up the Late Postnatal Series and it transitioned me to a place where I no longer dreaded working out. I let go of the need to punish my body and got out of the mindset that if I didn't feel complete muscle failure or reach ultra high intensity my workout wasn't worth it. It got me to where I felt healthy and sound and recovered again. I've since moved on to more challenging workouts because I feel I'm physically able to do so and no longer fear injury. The Postnatal Series gave me the foundation I needed to start building a high level of fitness again."

Meg, of "Fit Bitch"

"I have had nine pregnancies and not once did someone talk to me about pelvic health! I’m so glad to have found Jennifer, so that I could become properly informed and instructed about safe postpartum recovery. By following the Postnatal Series I'm confident leaking won't be an issue when I re-introduce running. I have a small diastasis recti that is nearly healed half way through the program. These workouts are quick, but effective. It feels great to be taking care of myself and allowing my body to heal properly. I'm building a solid foundation for running and feel so much stronger. The support is amazing, and best of all I’ve learned to truly love what I see in the mirror. I feel strongly that this information needs to be available to all pre & postpartum women!"

Gloria, Mom of 8


"I was very ashamed of my postpartum body. The way I dealt with that was by focusing on "the weight." That's what drove me back to the gym for my first run at two weeks postpartum. By the time I was four months postpartum I couldn't hold my bladder while running. I was told "oh, that's normal." But I couldn't accept it.

When I finally found help I also learned I had severe diastasis recti (abdominal muscle seperation) which explained my "tummy pooch" and my new "outtie" belly button. During my recovery for my core and pelvic health issues, I was floored by the misinformation in the health and fitness industry for pre and postnatal women.

There is so much we can do as personal trainers to help women, and even prevent these issues from occurring. Instead, we are causing or exasperating them.

The Body After Baby Postnatal Series is about helping women avoid the struggles I faced by allowing them to pursue any goal they have, be it fat loss or just feeling stronger, while working within safe parameters that postpartum healing requires. My mission is to support women physically AND emotionally as the postpartum period is such an overwhelming and raw time. No woman needs to deal with the physical issues I did, but no woman should be ashamed of how she looks either. We are all in this together."


Early Postnatal Series (8 Weeks)

Eight weeks long, split into two four-week training blocks.

The purpose of the early postnatal series is to help women reconnect with their core and pelvic floor muscles. During pregnancy those muscles can become uncoordinated and disconnected. If you can't feel them, you can't use them, making high impact and traditional "core" exercises potentially dangerous.

Correct your alignment and learn how to breathe in a way that promotes core and pelvic floor healing. Learn how to move using these new concepts, while being coached through exercises with our videos.

Late Postnatal Series (12 Weeks)

The Late Postnatal Series resembles a more traditional strength and conditioning program.

It's time to ramp up the intensity and apply the Early Postnatal Series concepts to your workouts. You have probably found core muscles you didn't know existed! It's time to strengthen them safely in this twelve week progressive program. The goal is a strong core and functional core, but also a strong body that supports you with all that you do - from chasing children to deadlifting your body weight to running a 10k.

Inside find three four-week detailed programs you can print off for home or to take to the gym. There are instructional videos for all exercises, and guide for setting up a schedule that will work for you, how to choose the right weight, how to warm up, and common questions.

***You will need a resistance band and a set of dumbbells to complete the Body After Baby program***